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Teddy Bear and Friends, December 1993, page 84

Teddy Bear Review, May/June 1994, page 72

Teddy Bear and Friends, February 1995, cover - page 30

Cover Story: Mohair: It All began with a Goat

The Purist's Version of an Artist Bear Begins with Handmade Mohair

Teddy Bear and Friends, April 1995, page 90

Teddy Bear Voice, Volume 10, page 35

Teddy Bear Review, Jan/Feb 1996, page 116

Collecting Figures, March 1997, page 17

Teddy Bear Review, Jan/Feb 1998, page 94

Teddy Bear and Friends, April 1998, page 42

Collecting Figures, June 1998, page 26

Teddy Bear Review, Sept/Oct 1998, page40

Teddy Bear and Friends, October 1998, page 69

Teddy Bear and Friends, April 1999, Page 45

Teddy Bear Review, January/February 2000, page 85, "Lending a Paw" Featuring "Randy"

Teddy Bear Times, September, 2000, Pages 54-55


Making Teddy Bears, Celebrating 100 Years, Lark Brooks, 2001, Pages 35, 107, 111, 113 & 114.

The World,'s Most Loveable Teddy Bears, Stephen L. Cronk, Portfolio Press, 2000, Pages 126-127.

Buying and Selling Teddy Bears, Terry and Doris Michaud, Potrfolio Press, 2000, Cover, Page 171.

Best of Teddy Bear and Friends, 1992 Hobby House Press, page 116

The Teddy Bear Hall of Fame, A Century of Historic Bears,
Michele Brown, 1996, Headline Book Publishing, page 129:
Monty and Joe are the only American Teddy bear artists to have a bear featured in Michele Brown's Book " The Teddy Bear Hall of Fame, a Century of Historic Bears. Their "King" and "Queen" were made as the souvenir bears for Bill Boyd's first "Teddy Bear Jubilee" in Kansas City, MO. The bears are on display at The Teddy Bear Museum in Stratforn upon Avon, England.

Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists, Series 2, Linda Mullins, 1996, Hobby House Press, page 59

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