International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 3,

News on The Golliwog Scene, by Juliet Savage

I am happy to report that membership in the I.G.C.C. is still steadily growing, with a membership quota now of over 150. In this, the third issue of the I.G.C.C. Newsletter, we have news of many new Golly items on the market, including the first ever Steiff 'Girliwog', available this year from The Toy Store.
There is a new 'Bicycle Club' Golly pin , new I.G.C.C. apparel, and 'Golly & Teddy' notecards by Debbie Curtis.
The Golliwogg's "Bicycle Club" celebrates its 100th Anniversary this year, and we have a wonderful set to commemorate this made by American artist, Debbie Curtis and British toymaker, Eric Horne.

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