International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 3,

New "Girliwog" from Steiff, by Beth Savino

"Golli G and Teddy B" was a great success for The Toy Store last year. We stopped taking orders for him in early July, before our 'Festival of Steiff X'. When we saw the actual finished piece, we knew we had a hit on our hands and wished we had commisioned more. There were so many disappointed collectors who didn't order early enough, or had not heard about him in time. What to do about this problem? - we decided to commision another Steiff Golly - this time a Girl! - accompanied by a little Dutch' doll.
As she is the only Girl Golly ever to be made by the world reknowned Margarete Steiff Company, she will be unique. Of course, she makes a great companion piece to last year's "Golly G", but she is also quite wonderful on her own, holding her little Peg Doll.
Molly is 9 inches tall, with jointed head and arms. She is wearing a traditionally colored blue felt skirt, trimmed with red banding, a red vest and black leather boots. A red hair bow and tie match her vest and add to her 'Girliwog'charm! She comes holding her very best friend, Peg, who is featured in the original Florence Upton 'Golliwogg' stories. Peg is a 4" jointed, wooden "Dutch" peg doll. These two really make a loveable pair! "Molly and Peg" are a matched, numbered set, and come with the Steiff 'trademark' white tag and gold washed button. We have increased the size of this edition to 3000 this year to help meet the demand, but, as Molly is likely to be the only Girl Golly ever to be produced by Steiff, I am sure she won't be with us for long.
A prototype piece was shown in late April at the 'Teddy Bear Total' in Germany, and at the Japan Teddy Bear League show in Tokyo. Many orders for Molly will be taken at these shows, so we urge I.G.C.C. members to place orders early to avoid possible disappointment. The Toy Store's toll free number for ordering is: 1-800-862-TOYS.
(Sorry, we cannot offer members 10% discount on Molly, but I.G.C.C. do qualify for a 10% discount when ordering most other Golly items from The Toy Store).
The cost of the "Molly & Peg" set is $225 + $5 for US shipping. We do have a layaway plan, and will ship worldwide. Please place your order soon to avoid disappointment!

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