International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 3,

The Golliwogg's Bicycle Club" was the title of Florence Upton's second children's book, which was published in 1896. The story starts with the Golliwogg and his five Dutch doll friends sitting around, feeling rather bored. Then "With sudden flash a brilliant thought Disturbs the Goliwogg-", as he then declares "Oh loveliest girls in all the world, E'den beyond mortal praise - Listen to me And you will see I've got the Cycle craze!"

The Golliwogg then proceeds to make some "clever plans" for a bicycle and other vehicles, made of wood, so that the six friends can travel the world. On page 8, he tells the girls "cycle clubs are all the rage; And I am sure that we Some happy times In foreign climes Can pass right merrily."

The friends travel togcther to Paris, Japan, Turkey and Africa. Alas.... the Golliwogg's bicycle and Sarah Jane's tricycle reach a sticky end when they collide, but they all hitch a ride on a camel, and after befriending some African tribesmen, they make their way safely back home to "Doll-land" - by row boat.

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