International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 4,

R. John Wright Golliwog

The newly formed R. John Wright COLLECTOR CLUB has announced that their first Club piece, which should be available this Fall, will be a Golliwog. He will be aptly named the 'R. John Wright Golliwogg' and he will be the first Golli that R. John Wright has ever made.

This sporty little fellow stands 11" tall and is fully jointed for possibility. He is costumed in the height of Golli fashion, including a morning coat with tails, meticulously-pieced, felt checkered trousers and real leather shoes. Like the firm's award winning collector dolls, the Golliwogg is constructed entirely of the finest 100% wool felt with molded felt features (including ears and human-like nose) and a mohair wig. Produced in a numbered limited edition of 2500 pieces, this Golliwogg will be available to R. John Wright Collector Club members only, by special order, and he will cost $535. For information about joining this club, please contact:

15 West Main St, Cambridge, NY, 12816,
Attn: Kathleen Morley
Tel: 518-677-8566
FAX: 518-677-5202

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