International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 5,

Golly Research...On-line

.....It was because of our presence on the Internet, that I was contacted by a descending relative of Florence Upton. Mike Hudson, who is English, but is presently living in Russia, found us through the Internet. He has recently discovered that he is a first cousin, twice removed, to Florence Upton. He is presently researching his family tree, and consequently has a vested interest in the Golliwogg. He is a new member of the I.G.C.C. and members wishing to contact Mike can e-mail him at: His mailing address is listed in the Member Roster.

Another member, Myrna Gottleib, has recently founded a Golliwogg bulletin board on America On Line. This can be found by using Keyword: COLLECTORS, and then selecting ‘Other Collectibles’. ‘GOLLIWOGGS’ is a listed topic here, and this is an excellent place to find the latest Golly news.

Because of all the ‘Golli’ activity that is now happening on the Internet, I would like to invite present I.G.C.C. members to submit their e-mail addresses, if they would like correspondence from other members via this medium. Addresses will be printed either in the next I.G.C.C Newsletter, or on. the Member Roster.

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