International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 5,

The Golliwog and Halloween, by Terri Kovacs

I wonder if any of you ever seen the Golly associated with Halloween before, In the October, 1929 issue of 'The Western Home Monthly', from Canada, I found a paper doll cut-out in a full color page, titled "Gog and her friends". This story and the illustrations were done by a talented gentleman named Jimmy Clark. What an imagination he had! It certainly isn't what we would, today, consider the norm!

When one views the poor cat with the balloons tied to his tail, perhaps a few animal lovers will frown at Mr. Clark's humor. In 1929 the language used in the verse was accepted, but today it would be considered rather condescending to African American people.

In all the many books, postcards and stories about the Golliwog, I have never before seen the Golly associated with Halloween, and I thought this might be a first for many readers also. My apologies if this story and illustrations have offended any one. It is not intended as such, but is part of Golliwog history, which should not be overlooked.

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