International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 6

News on The Golliwog Scene, by Juliet Savage

First I must apologize for the late publication of this issue of the I.G.C.C. Newsletter. The past two months have been very difficult for me to the sad loss of my mother before the holidays. Consequently, I have been spending much of time recently in England with my father and brothers. Needless to say, on my return to US, I was welcomed with an overwhelming amount of Golly Club work to catch up on. It has helped to take my mind off of my family back in England, but of course, i can't stop worrying about my dad, by himself now.

Anyway, as usual, there is still plenty of Golly News for me to report in the I.G.C.C. News. The organizing of the GollyFest I is well on the way, and registration forms are being sent out with this Newsletter.

During my recent correspondence with Susan van Nieuwkasteele, our only member from The Netherlands, I discovered that there is a Dutch Folklore called "Zwarte Piet" , who I think most Golly fans will be most interested in. Susan was kind enough to do a little research into his history, and with her help, I have written an article about Zwarte Piet, who is 'Santa's helper' in Holland. Susan van Nieuwkasteele is also a talented Golliwog artist, and she is featured in the Artist Profile.

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