International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 8

News on The Golliwog Scene, by Juliet Savage

In this issue of I.G.C.C. News we have information abut the New R J Wright pieces which will be available later this year. News of Gill Cousins' special Gollyfest Event Golly called "Yankee Jack" appears on page 2, and a new series of golly notecards by Debbie Curtis can be found on page 9. Terri Kovacs and Bill Boyd have very kindly contributed articles about Enid Blyton and golliwogg perfume bottles, respectively, and Florence Upton page this time is devoted to the Florence Upton series of postcards.

As always, I would like to invite all readers to contribute any news or articles on the subject on Golliwogs or Golliwog Collecting. Dotted throughout this issue, you will notice some children's artwork. These wonderful pictures were contributed by Debbie Curtis's children. Input from members of all ages is always much appreciated, as one of the main aims of our Collector club is to provide contact between Golly collectors around the world.

Sadly for us, Karl Gibbons has recently announced that he will no longer be able to run the UK branch of the I.G.C.C. this is mainly because he is opening a new 'Collectable' store in England, and fears he will no longer have any time left for other pursuits. We wish him luck with this new venture, and thank him for the help he has given us in launching this new club.

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