International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 8

The Gollywog on Sheet Music by Terri Kovacs

To my knowledge there exists fewer than a dozen different pieces of sheet music featuring the golly in song and art. Seeing the covers of some, it is debatable whether the figured can be considered a Golliwog. (Again, as in other instances, let the buyer decide for him/herself it the figure shown is an actual Golly).

The earliest work is believed to have been published in 1906 when Claude Debussy first wrote th Golliwog's cake walk, as part of his Children's corner. ( See Article on this in Issue #6 of the IGCC News, dated march 1997).

n 1909, The golliwog Two-step, written by F. Brocket, was copyrighted in the US Illustrated by Sidney Kent, the graphics on the cover show two marvelous Gollies dresssed all in white, except for their red socks and black shoes. (This can been seen in black and white on page 128 of Enchanting Friends).

Grace Dayton, in 1923, illustrated the cover of sheet music The Night Before Christmas, 'A Spoken song or Recitation' by Henna Van Vollenhoven, with swords from the original poem, A visit from St. nicolas, by Clement C. Moore. Grace Dayton, who is well know for her Dolly Dingle series of paper doll cut outs, shoed the Golliwog twice in this music - - on the full color, front cover, and on the last inside page of the music. The entire piece of music is profusely illustrated with her lovely black and white drawings of children, St. Nicholas and his reindeer, and even a lovely little fat mouse who has fallen asleep while peering into a stocking hung by the tree.

In 1934, Alan Saville wrote the Dancing Golliwog - Characteristic Novelty for Piano. This music was printed in Great Britain, copyrighted by Beal, Stuttard & Co., Ltd., of London. The illustrator, W. Barnes, shows three Golliwogs, two seated on each end playing their banjos, with a dancing Golly in the center. All three Golliwogs are dressed in checked trousers, stand up collars, bow ties and jackets and tails. Happy grins can be seen on all faces, and one is almost made to feel the tempo of the music, even before the music is played!

Golliwog Parade was written by Eula Ashworth Lindsfors and is played in strict march time. A total of 14 identical, happy, grinning Golliwogs march diagonally across the face of the sheet of music, with the last one in the distance, at the upper left, and the first, in larger size, at the lower right. This is a very modern looking cover, with Gollies in a highly stylized design. Each Golly is dressed in coolie type red jacket, and baggy black trousers. Red shoes are worn by each. This is also the first time I have seen Golliwogs shown with ears.

This music was printed and copyrighted by Willis Music Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1951. The following verse is written under the song title on the inside of the music:

"Happy little Golliwogs

Marching row by row

Stepping in rhythm

Of the music you go."

These Golliwog-related collectibles are not too easily found. My search has covered many years, both here in the US and abroad, and yet I have only 6 different in my collection. The 'hunt' continues, as this is another aspect of the Golly that has become part of his history.

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