International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue No. 9

Golly's popularity is growing!...

...just lately he's been written about in all sorts of collectible publications. Following is a list of articles that have been published this year, and wherever possible a contact phone number is included for members wishing to obtain these articles from the publishers:

Antique Toy World (U.S.A.) - Nov. 97 -"Golly Collectors Convene in Toledo for First International Convention" by Catherine Saunders-Watson

(773) 725-0633.

Collect It! (UK) Nov. 97 - "Golly Gosh" - by Ian Craig and Sheila Thompson - mostly about Robertsons. Call: Lorna Spicer (01708) 641575

Dolls (USA) Feb. 97 - "Jolly Gollies" by Mary Hillier, "Golliwogg Renaissance" by Krystyne Goddu, "Golliwogg" (a paper doll) by Patricia Pierce Waas.

Call: (212) 989-8700

Teddy Bear Times (UK) Oct. 97 - "Golly What a Crowd" by Karl Gibbons - about GollyFest I, the first Golliwog convention.

Call: (513) 353-4052 (USA) or: (01403) 711511 (UK)

Teddy Bear Times (UK) - "Golly Focus:Delightful Teaming" by Dee Hockenberry - lots of photos of Golly collectibles.

Call: (513) 353-4052 (USA) or: (01403) 711511 (UK)

Teddy Today (USA) Issue #1, Winter 97 - "How I Found Golly Nirvana in Toledo, Ohio" by Jim Koontz - about GollyFest I.

Call: (650) 747-0549

Bear Facts Review (Australia) - has had many articles pertaining to the Golly printed over the last year.

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