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Cover: Songs... From...Toy...Town

Golliwog Sheet Music -- "Song from Toy Town"

Terri's Kovacs' article on sheet music in a recent I.G.C.C. Newsletter has prompted me to tell you about "Songs from Toy Town", written and composed by Harry Major and published by Bevan Music Production Ltd. It is dated circa 1939, based on the Deans advert on the inside back cover has the price on just 1/- (I shilling, about 8 US cents).

There are numerous Golly illustrations throughout, featuring a Golliwog policeman and a Golly Jack-in-a-Box. There are twelve pages in all plus cardboard covers, and the size is 10" wide by 12.5" tall. The covers are in brown card, brightly coloured in red and blue. There are nine songs with music scores and words, each showing illustrations related to a particular piece of music. The scores and words that are particularly Golly related are: No. 2 "If you want to know the time", with the introductory verse:-

In Toy Town a marvellous police force
Keeps order from morning till night:
With the Golliwog Sergeant in charge, well of course
The tiny tots never fight

and song words:-
If you want to know the time, ask p'liceman, so they say
If you're just a wee bit fright-ened, be-cause, you've lost your way;
Coming round the cor-ner, in his coat of blue,
Is Gol-li-wog the Sergeant, and he'll take care of you:
He' always there on du-ty, his labours nev=er cease,
Gol-li-wog the Sergeant of the Toy Town Po-lice.

The music is surrounded by four Golliwogs, all in police uniform.

Other songs containing Goliwog references are No. 3 "Jack-in-the-Box, and No. 5 "Wedding Day".

Particularly interesting is page 12, which carries a Deans advert. for "Teddy Bear the Baker", "Peter the Pup" and "Sergeant the Golliwog", who is described as: "Toy Town's amusing officer of the law, complete with watch and chain, will delight every boy and girl. He stands 16" high and is priced at 5/11d. (about 50 US cents) Ref. No. T.277" If only we could buy them at that price now!!

I bought this item at an antique market some two or three years ago. My husband thought it was too expensive at 15 (about $25), But he has admitted since that I was right to buy, as is indeed a rare item - unseen since!

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