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Golliwog Sheet Music

When I first wrote my first article on Golliwog and sheet music in September of 1997 (Issue 8) I didn't expect the response from our IGCC members to be so great.

With the kindness and corporation of Julia Cardy and Kath Burns, both from England, Dot Gillett from Australia, Howard Watson from Pennsylvania, Trevor Jones from Ohio, the start of a check list has grown from 7 title to 24.

On part 1 of my list in Issue 8, Title #6 was mistakenly omitted, thus I will begin Part 2 with #6 and title #7 is repeated.

Golliwog Sheet Music Checklist
6. Adam Carse - Toy-land Tunes - for Pianoforte. A collection of easy tunes for children. this portfolio is book II and contains 19 different songs. A Golliwog is shown at the bottom of each page, seated with a drum between his legs and a drum-stick in his right hand. Several nursery toys are scatted around the Golly. there are no songs about the Golliwog in this song book. dated 1914 - Information from Kath Burns.

7. Soldier on the Shelf - A Toyshop fable in Fox-trot rhythm. copyright in all countries MCMXXX (1930) by Cecil Lennox Ltd. Lyric by Erell Reaves...Music by Sherman Myers (writers of the international success, "fairy on the Clock"). Two Golliwogs are shown on the front cover against a silhouette of marching solip, and the Golly is mentioned in the music - Terri Kovacs

8. Puppets Suite - for piano by Billy Meayerl. Copyrighted Keith Prowse & Co. Ltd. Illustrated are three puppets; a Golliwog, a dog and "Punch". The first piece of music in the Puppet's Suite is titled "Golliwog". Dated 1927 - Information from Julia Cardy.

9. Giggling Golliwog - Novelty Fox-trot Song, composed by Harry Tilsley & Tolchard Evans, story by Erell Reeves. Copyright W. H. Pailling & Co. Ltd., Sydney. the illustration shows what appears to be a girl golliwog, sitting primly on top pf a striped, round box. She wears white stockings, "Mary Jane's" (shoes), her skirt is pulled down over knees, and her jacket is buttoned with two large white buttons. Adopted tie is round her neck. Dated 1929 - Dot Gillett.

10. Dancing Golliwog - by Alan Saville, illustrated by W. Barnes, copyright Beal Stuttard & Co., Ltd. The illustration shows three gollies dressed in checked trousers, deep plum jackets and orange vests. Two Gollies are seated, one on each end, playing banjos, the one in the center is dancing against and orange marquee type design. Dated 1934 - Terri Kovacs.

11. Dancing Golliwog - Novelty for a piano by Alan Saville, copyright Beal & Stuttard & Co., Ltd. This piece of music should not be confused with number 10, even though it has the same title and basic information. The cover on this music shows only one dancing golliwog. Dated 1934 - Julia Cardy.

12. Toyland Tunes - copyright Banks Music House. A bright green background and red colors are in the title. Shown on the cover are teddy playing the gaitar, Golly playing a drum, a bunny playing a horn, and a doll sitting in the foreground. The doll appears to have been frightened by one of which is simply titled "Golliwog". Dated - 1937 - Terri Kovacs.

13. Golliwogs at Play - by Maxwell Eckestein, (for piano). Copyright Harold Flammer, Inc. Illustrated against a nighttime sky are five white pixie-like characters who are cavorting about with a crescent moon and stars as a background. Dated - 1938 - Howard Watson.

14. Songs from Toyland - Written & composed by Harry Major. ( See pg. 5 issue #10 of IGCC News for the wonderfully informative article by Julia Cardy and illustrations).

Thanks to Julia, we now know of three minor variations of this piece; one she has has a different back than two this author owns. c. 1939 - Julia Cardy

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