International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Issue 11

The Concert Poem

The Concert

Terri Kovacs found this wonderful poem in a book called "My Book of Good Stories" Cira 1915. this book has many beautiful children's illustrations some in color and some in line drwings, together with fascinating stories and poems, many of which include the Golliwog as a central charater, as well as penny wooden "Dollies".

This might have been one of the first books to include the Golliwog (note that the last 'g' is dropped) and the Dutch dolls in its stories, as this was published very soon after Florence Upton's original series of "Golliwogg" books.

Note also that the Golliwog is portrayed as the 'hero' of the stroy - an accomplished musician - a character that certainly would not be classified as a derogatory sterotype.

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