International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 2, June 1999

Dear Golly Lover,

A big thank you to those of you who took time to send words of encouragement concerning the last newsletter.

It is still a start up mode for me and I hope to continue to improve as I go forward.

Plans for Gollyfest are in full swing. It will be such a fun event and there is still time to register. Michael Crane of Deans unfortunately will not be able to join us. however, Jan Ross will be taking his place.

Last year Canadian artist, Lorraine Chien did and inexpensive cute Golly for the Ganz Company. At the time I wrote an article about him mentioning that it was nice to see such a large company put a Golly in its line. He must have met with success as Lorraine has designed a new Mini Golly for their Cottage Collectibles line. Golly is still being produced using a gray felt for his face and hands rather than black, as was their larger version. Dressed in a maroon felt jacket, and gray pants, he is fully jointed. At $14.00, he is very reasonably priced. Each comes in a canvas bag. He is in stock now.

My English friend, Ann Wyatt sent me an interesting article about Richard Burton who is using Golly to raise money for Leukemia Research. Leukemia is the greatest killer disease of children known to man. Personally affected, when he lost his granddaughter Sara, at the age of 14, three years ago, Mr. Burton vowed to do something to help. Appealing for tokens from Robertson's jam jars, he was able to collect 4,000 which he than cashed in for Robertson badges (pins) and Gollies. these he sold to benefit the charity and has allowed Mr. Burton and his friends to raise over 27,000 pounds ($45,000) for the charity. Although the Golly Beanie Doll can be purchased from Robertsons with cash and tokens for a small amount more the purchase of Mr. Burton fights Leukemia. Mr. Burton recently ran out of tokens and is asking people throughout the U.K. to send him more. I'll keep you posted about this worthwhile venture.

See you at Golly Fest, Beth

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