International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 2, June 1999

Britain's Oldest Teddy Bear Manufacturer Still Makes Gollies

by Beth Savino

The Dean's Rag book Company, Ltd. has been making soft dolls since 1903 when they were located on fleet Street in the heart of London's newspaper district. In 155 the company moved to Rye in Sussex on England's south coast. At this time, the Golly to quote Neil Miller, chairman of dean's "had something of a renaissance--after being in the range almost 50 years."

Golly remains a popular item in the line thanks to Neil and Barbara Miller who purchased the company the company in 1988 and continue to support our friend, Golliwog. Dean's, which is now located in Pontypool, wales continues to add new designs yearly. They market him to both children and collectors alike. Their 15" Standard Golly is very classic while the 15" "Wally Goly" wearing a bright yellow felt jacket with yellow and light blue plaid pants is less traditional. the Golly Jack-In-Box has been in the range over the years with different costume changes. sitting in a 10 cm red wooden box, he is unique. added to the line this year in Mini Golly. Nine inches tall with purple felt jacket, yellow vest, red bow tie and buttons, he is cute.

Perhaps they have heard a rumor that collectors are running out of room. whatever, there is always room for another so keep them coming, Dean's.

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