International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 2, June 1999

The Golliwog on Sheet Music

by Terri Kovacs

Sharing knowledge about our collections adds a whole new dimension to the hobby. Once again Terri gives us much needed information.

This checklist keeps growing and growing, much to my delight, with thanks to all those who have sent copies of thus far unrecorded Golliwog sheet music to be included here in this checklist.

At one point in time, I had thought my oldest piece was printed in 1907 ("Mr. Gollywog, good Night"), but I now have in my collection, one even older.

In 1905 "The Golliwog" was written and composed by Fred Murray and George Everard, illustrated by Sidney Kent, and sung by Miss Vesta Victoria. This bears the copyright notice by Francis, Day & Hunter, 143 Charing Cross Road.

Miss Victoria is pictured in the upper left corner of the cover, with a doll and golly illustrated in red, pink and black along the right side.

Another copy of "Toyland Tunes" has surfaced in what is very obviously a larger format than the 1937 copy which was mentioned in Issue #11 of the IGCC News. this new find from Kath Burns, England, which measures 9 1/2" x 12" contained only a battered cover showing a more defined illustration, printed in two sizes. Of the two copies now found, it is difficult to say which was printed first as they are both dated 1937 and listed as Gem Series 68. Perhaps someone, someday will provide us with the answer to this, but for now it remains a mystery.

"Golliwog on the Loose" was issued in 1947 as a piano solo by Len Stevens, copyright by Francis, Day & Hunter, Ltd., 138-140 Charing Cross Road, London.

the background color of the cover is beige, with black and white speckled lettering. this piece measurers 8 1/2" X 11" and is shown on the left. Terri Kovacs, OH.

"1953 --The City of Toys -- 12 miniatures for Piano for young players, with words to sing," was sent in by Howard Watson, PA. The music to the song, Mr. Golliwog, was written by Eine Grosteskuppe, copyright by Bosworth & Co., Ltd. I cannot describe the colors as only a black and white copy was provided. A golly is shown at the top eft of the cover, holding the hand of a clown. Other nursery toys shown are a soldier playing a drum, a Chinaman, a train conductor, two dolls and a mouse.

"Babau! -- March Surprise" by George Marcel is yet another copy of sheet music which showed no date. It was copyrighted by Banks & Son, York, and is approximately 9 3/4" X 12 1/4" in size. the background is dark gray, lettering is in bright red and white, and a smiling golly in red, white, gray and black is pictured as a jack-in-the-box. there is no mention of a golliwog in the music. Sent in by Kath Burns, England.

"Golliwogg's Dance" --for piano solo ws written in 1957 by Inez Howell, copyright The Willis Music Co., Cincinnati, OH, G. & D. Hauman, in the small format size 9" X 11 1/2". this was printed on a light cream background with black and a soft orange. the illustration shows a golly with ears, curly wild hair, and what looks like a grass skirt, doing a dance. Trevor Jones, OH.

"jack in the Box" was written as a domestic episode in fox-trot tempo. Words by Erell Reaves, music by Sherman Myers with a copyright listed for Cecil Lennox Ltd., 134 Charing X Road, London -- no date shown. A black and white photo was sent in by Howard Watson, PA. a photo of Mannell, London appears on the lower left cover, while a golliwog jack-in-the-box is shown on the right side.

In 1947, "The Magic Nursery" written by Ralph Stanley with music by Richard Varney. The copyright was issued to B. Feldman & Co., Ltd., shaftsbury Ave. It measures 8 1/2" X 11" with colors in red, white blue and black. The portfolio contains 8 songs with #4 listed as The Golliwog Sulks. Cover illustration shows the golly sulking. Kath Burns, England.

"Toyland Holiday" (Aveva Un Barero) -- English words written in 1955 by Craig Stevens and Bob Musel: Italian words and music by M. Panzeri & E. Ripa; copyright Chappell & co. Ltd., 50 New Bond Street, London and W.I. Edizioni Musicali Tevere, Milan. (This is the first time I have ever seen a Golly mentioned in anything Italian!) The sheet music measures 8 1/2" x 10 1.4" and is printed in bright red, pink and black against a white background. The drawing resembles a toy town of wooden houses, trees and dog, plus toy nursery characters being an elf, teddies, dolls a soldier, the queen of hearts, a clown, and of course, a happy smiling Golly. Terri Kovacs, OH.

"Little Tunes and Little Rhymes" (First Pieces for Little Players) is listed as Gem Series No. 93; copyright by Banks Music House, 25 County Arcade, Leeds, without a copyright date.

the cover has a white background with illustrations printed in black and red. There can be seen a large decorated tree in the background, with two little girls in front. Toys are scattered about the floor, one of which is a Golly Jack-in-the-box. This portfolio contains 23 different tunes, but none mentions the Goliwog. This format is similar to the 1937 Gem #68 titled Toyland Tunes (issue #11 IGCC News) so it can probably be considered to be circa 1938-40. Terri Kovacs, OH.

Further listings will follow. Until then, a special thank you to all contributors of this checklist of The Golliwog on sheet Music. Hopefully, as new titles are discovered, more of you will send in copies and descriptions of your treasures, so that they too can be listed.

An alphabetical listing of all sheet music listed follows at a later date.

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