International Golliwog Collectors Club Newsletter - Volume 4, Number 2, June 1999

Artist Corner

Bonnie Butler Jonus, is a teddy bear designer from Indiana who has attended our Tribute to Teddies show in Toledo on several occasions. she is a very talented and nice lady who has been making bears since 1993.

In 1996 while on the Teddy Bear Artist European tour, she met fellow artist Karen Meer and noticed that she had some "black dolls" on her table. After some discussion, she inquired about them. Karen gave her the background information and allowed Bonnie to study them closely. Karen recommended that Bonnie attend Dee Hockenberry's talk on the Golly, which Bonnie promptly did. Afterwards she purchased Dee's book "Enchanting Friends" and the desire to create a Golly was born. The Gollies that spoke to her were from her era 1940-1950.

As Bonnie tells it "two years after my first encounter with Golly and many attempts I finally created this Golly to go with Ladybug (the symbol of her company Ladybug Garden). he is 8" tall, jointed at head, arms and legs. If one is curious enough to undress him he has a button for his belly button. I had the most fun dressing him. Ladybug (call me crazy) insisted that I line his pants and jacket. One can easily remove his clothes over his upholstery fabric fabric body. Of course it was Beth Savino who put the idea into Ladybug's ear. I even dressed a Golly as a clown to go with my circus collection."

Bonnie's Golly is beautifully constructed. This approximately 11" piece is outfitted with a beautiful red jacket, "patchwork" vest, green and black pants. This dapper fellow wears spats and retails for $250.00. yes, the ladybug friend comes with him.

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