Ken Yenke Bear Tracks

Ken Yenke - Teddy Bear Appraiser - R.I.P.

Ken Yenke, teddy bear historian, museum curator and appraiser who graced our Bears&Buds Teddy Bear Magazine web pages, attended Bright Star Promotion's teddy bear shows and we called him our dear friend, succumb to leukemia after a 6 month battle, on March 19, 2014.

Ken will remain in our hearts and we'll have fond memories of him.  We will miss his smiling face.

He had a remarkable recall of teddy bears, which he loved with all his heart and admired the talented artists who create such wonderful collectibles.  

Ken shared his knowledge with everyone.

Ken was a huge supporter of Good Bears of The World, and appeared in many issues of Bear Tracks.

Getting a big bear hug from Waldorf, Ken graces the Winter 2012 cover.

Sharing his extensive bear collection with the public, he became the curator of the Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory's teddy bear museum located in Chelsea, Michigan.  
Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his lovely wife Brenda, his children and family.

If you care to send a card to Brenda, here is her address:

Brenda Yenke

16983 Stag Thicket
Strongsville OH 44136-6272

God's heaven has a big bright star now, shining for all of us to see, to wish on and to guide us.


Valerie Rogers