Teddy Bear Lost and Found

Teddy Bears Lost and Found

If you have ever lost or found your childhood teddy bear, you are not alone. This is why TeddyBears.com has create this section. We hope that maybe a teddy bear and his owner will be reunited.
To submit a request please fill out our form. Message should be twenty words or less, one submission per person. PLEASE INCLUDE THE Date AT THE BEGINNING and your e-mail address at the END of your request!There is NO CHARGE! Sorry Teddy Bears and Plush Friends Only!
1/8/2006  Lost my son's Teddy Bear - Dark Brown, small arms and legs, protruding nose - approx. 10 -12 inches.  Lost in Service Merchandise in Paramus, NJ 4 years ago.  Looking for similar one....desmonds@optonline.net
12-18-05  Lost a tan teddy bear in Price, Utah at National 9 Inn that is over 20 years old and very well loved.  If you know anything about it , please contact at shellyrae05@yahoo.com
12/15/05   lost teddy in Boston:  Dec 11 or 12 - yellow teddy bear with red ribbon been in family 4 years.  He doesn\'t sit up ( one eye brow is hanging off - black) black nose and eyes.  REALLY NEED TO FIND HIM!! clairellis@yahoo.com
11-21-05 In Sept. 2005 I lost my best friend from Skagit County Wa., Mount Lake Terr.,or Smokey Pt.- Marysville area. He must have fallen out of our car in a lot. He is approx. 18\'\', oat meal color with a pair of overalls that say 2000. I got him in 2000 for Christmas. He is from Chartter Cluband he came from the Bon for $8.99. I still have the tag. His name is \"Holly\" please call.(360)422-7627 timsienne@aol.com 
10/3/05-LOST-in Pacific Grove, CA-Yellow/Beige suede-like,10\" tall, 1/2 plush, 1/2 bean filled. I miss him terribly. Contact mebeardog@comast.net

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