Heirloom Mink Teddy Bears by Kelly Brown Brehm

by Kelly Brown Brehm

Heirloom Teddy Bear Release

I authorize Kelly Brown Brehm to open the lining and examine this fur to evaluate its use for a teddy bear. I understand, that if the fur is not suitable it will be returned to me as is, with the lining removed and I forfiet my deposit. I will pay for return shipping.
I understand that the look of the teddy bear may vary because of the difference in color and styling of the fur sent.

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Reminder: Packing Instruction for Shipping Your Fur.
When you package your fur, wrap it in paper and make sure that you have your identification in the inside of the package. When you close the box make sure you tape close the box securely. Run a piece of tape both ways around the box.

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Notes/Special Instructions:

$45.00 non-refundable fee, Made payable to "Kelly Brown Brehm"
Thank you for the opportunity to make Your Heirloom Teddy Bears and/or Rabbits.
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